New Movie Trailer: Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fox has debuted a teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. This trailer introduces us to the new world that Gordon Gekko is entering, some 23 years after he went to prison at the end of Wall Street. You know Michael Douglas is back when he says "Someone reminded me I once said: 'Greed is good.' Now it seems it's legal." This looks like it'll be a strong return to form for Oliver Stone.

New Video: Danse Daimons - Real Rap

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shouts to the boy Manny Toro at Rotting Television , Danse Daimons, Chicago a.k.a. The Producer, and Busy on this one. Like the video guys!

Old Footage: Howard Stern Warns Conan O'Brien about Jay Leno

On December 14, 2006 Howard Stern made an appearance on the "The Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien", where he went on to warn Conan that Jay Leno wasn't a person to be trusted. Now looking at how the Conan vs. Jay situation unfolded, Howard looks like Nostradamus. The reason Howard Stern is the GREATEST radio personality of all time is because he is never politically correct and he always speaks his mind. THAT'S REAL TALK....

New Movie Trailer: Clash Of The Titans

Friday, January 15, 2010

This movie is due out in theaters in March 2010 and looks like it's going to be REALLY GOOD. "Clash Of The Titans" is a remake of a movie that came out in 1981. I posted both the new and old trailers so you can see what 19 years and brand new technology can do to a movie. Check it out for yourselves....

Clash Of The Titans (2010 Version)

Clash Of The Titans (1981 Version)

Ladies & Gentlemen: Once Again....Megan Fox

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The beautiful Megan Fox has replaced Victoria Beckham as the spokeswoman for Emporio Armani. This woman is so HOT and she deserves the job. Check out the pictures of Megan Fox in the latest Armani campaign and get ready to see these billboards up in major cities.

New MP3: Krave feat. Flo Rida, Lil Jon, & Pitbull - Go Krazy (Projekt Junkies Remix)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check out this new joint by Krave called "Go Krazy" feat. Flo Rida, Lil Jon, & Pitbull. Shouts to my west coast brother E-One and the Projekt Junkies on the remix. Click below for the MP3

This Just In: Conan Won't Do The Tonight Show After Jay

I just found out that Conan O'Brien decided not to do The Tonight Show after Jay Leno. I believe that he made the correct decision and I don't feel bad that NBC now has to pay him millions because they went back on their original contract. Jay Leno should do the right thing and retire, that's what Johnny Carson did when he was asked to make room for Jay. Conan O'Brien was given the Tonight Show and NBC should not be putting him in this awkward situation just because they don't have the balls to tell Jay to take a hike. Conan being the classy person that he is gracefully bowed out of the situation and wrote these words to his fans today....

People of Earth:

In the last few days, I’ve been getting a lot of sympathy calls, and I want to start by making it clear that no one should waste a second feeling sorry for me. For 17 years, I’ve been getting paid to do what I love most and, in a world with real problems, I’ve been absurdly lucky. That said, I’ve been suddenly put in a very public predicament and my bosses are demanding an immediate decision.

Six years ago, I signed a contract with NBC to take over The Tonight Show in June of 2009. Like a lot of us, I grew up watching Johnny Carson every night and the chance to one day sit in that chair has meant everything to me. I worked long and hard to get that opportunity, passed up far more lucrative offers, and since 2004 I have spent literally hundreds of hours thinking of ways to extend the franchise long into the future. It was my mistaken belief that, like my predecessor, I would have the benefit of some time and, just as important, some degree of ratings support from the prime-time schedule. Building a lasting audience at 11:30 is impossible without both.

But sadly, we were never given that chance. After only seven months, with my Tonight Show in its infancy, NBC has decided to react to their terrible difficulties in prime-time by making a change in their long-established late night schedule.

Last Thursday, NBC executives told me they intended to move the Tonight Show to 12:05 to accommodate the Jay Leno Show at 11:35. For 60 years the Tonight Show has aired immediately following the late local news. I sincerely believe that delaying the Tonight Show into the next day to accommodate another comedy program will seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. The Tonight Show at 12:05 simply isn’t the Tonight Show. Also, if I accept this move I will be knocking the Late Night show, which I inherited from David Letterman and passed on to Jimmy Fallon, out of its long-held time slot. That would hurt the other NBC franchise that I love, and it would be unfair to Jimmy.

So it has come to this: I cannot express in words how much I enjoy hosting this program and what an enormous personal disappointment it is for me to consider losing it. My staff and I have worked unbelievably hard and we are very proud of our contribution to the legacy of The Tonight Show. But I cannot participate in what I honestly believe is its destruction. Some people will make the argument that with DVRs and the Internet a time slot doesn’t matter. But with the Tonight Show, I believe nothing could matter more.

There has been speculation about my going to another network but, to set the record straight, I currently have no other offer and honestly have no idea what happens next. My hope is that NBC and I can resolve this quickly so that my staff, crew, and I can do a show we can be proud of, for a company that values our work.

Have a great day and, for the record, I am truly sorry about my hair; it’s always been that way.


NBC you thought Jay Leno's ratings sucked at 10pm, wait until you put him back on the Tonight Show. I know David Letterman is sitting back, smoking a cigar, and having a good laugh at this one. You guys know who I'll be watching from now on....

New Video: Sade - Soldier Of Love

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Kicks: DJ Am x Nike & DJ Premier x Nike Quickstrikes

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One of the most anticipated sneaker projects in recent memory started to create a buzz in the sneaker world when news came out that DJ AM and DJ Premier had been working with Nike on their own private label sneaker collection this past year. It was pretty exciting to see Nike take a turn from traditional 'athlete inspired' shoes, and instead collab with arguably the greatest DJ's from each coast. AM was known for being a very well seasoned sneaker afficianado with a Nike collection that exceeded more than 700 pairs. His unique style of music and ability to get a crowd moving helped him become one of the first DJ's to reach a level of super-stardom that no one in his field had yet achieved, opening doors for all DJ's as performers/artists, and also revolutionizing the entire industry. His tragic death shocked and shook the country this past Summer, and unfortunately, this will be the only shoe released from his collection. In mourning the untimely death of DJ AM sneakerhead, vinyl enthusiasts worldwide can pay proper tribute. His own words summed it up best, when breaking the news of his Nike collab on twitter this past Summer: “This is one of the most amazing moments. I just HELD the sample of MY OWN DUNK! I never dreamed this would happen. Wow, THANK YOU G0D!”

The Nike Dunk High Premium Quickstrike “DJ AM” comes in a black/red colorway with reflective 3M accents. The red comes in regular premium leather and the black comes in patent leather to represent the vinyl records he used. The Swoosh is light grey. The perforated heel exposes silver 3m material, and the design replicates the deckplate of the Technics 1200 turntable he spun on. The tongue of the sneaker is decorated with a DJ AM logo tag. Check the pics below, and click the following link to download some of DJ AM's best work, and CRSVR in-store favorites--The Elton Series Mixes. The limited edition QUICKSTRIKE shoes will be available at CRSVR this Saturday at 10:00am. RIP AM. (CLICK HERE FOR LINK)

DJ Premier has solidified himself as one of the best DJ’s and producers in East Coast Hip-Hop by working alongside legends such as the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Gang Starr. He is hailed as the architect of East Coast hip-hop, and Source Magazine even named him one of the five greatest producers in hip hop history. The Air Force 1 collaboration features brown nubuck, black leather, faux reptile skins, and an icey clear sole with turntables in the backdrop. The limited edition QUICKSTRIKE shoes will be available at CRSVR and on CRSVR.COM this Saturday at 10:00am.

New Kicks: Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1 has a handpicked kevlar, suede, leather, and waterproof denim materials. On top of the lush materials, this pair features a great black/gray/blue colorway and a pair of dubres engraved with Marcus and Troy. These kicks are REALLY HOT, check out the video below.

Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1 from Marcus Troy on Vimeo.

Here you have it! The Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1’s

1. Black Outsole

2. Turquoise Air Max Midsole

3. Black Kevlar on the Toe cap, Overlay, Eyestay and Back Tab taping

4. Grey Water proof Denim on the Vamp and Upper

5. Black Leather Rubberized Tongue and Heel Counter

6. Grey Suede Swoosh and Turquoise underlay

7. Metallic Silver Patent on the Tongue Tab and Heel tab.

8. Loopwheeler cotton Lining and Sock Lining

9 Grey waxed laces and black metal eyelets

New Video: Jay-Z - On To The Next One

Friday, January 1, 2010

There's no better way to start the new decade than by watching Jay-Z's new video "On To The Next One" featuring Swizz Beatz. Happy New Year yall!!!!