Eminem On The New XXL Magazine Cover

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last week I posted Slim Shady's latest video which was funny as hell, and this week I'm posting up the latest pictures of Eminem on the new XXL magazine. I don't usually endorse other magazine's other than Complex Magazine but XXL did their thing with this issue. Make sure you guys gou out and pick this up as he discusses his drug addiction, Proof's death, and his thoughts on T.I., Lil Wayne, and the state of Hip Hop today.

Mazzi's Walking Blog # 30

What's good my fellow bloggers. My apologies for not posting up anything for the last couple of days but I've been going nuts since I've been on the "Let It Rock" tour with Jeremy Greene. We hit up Nashville, Louisville, Michigan, Cincinnati, and Chicago last week. I then went back to NYC on Saturday to do The Gomez Brothers Show and The G-Spot Radio Show on Shade 45 / XM 66, shouts to comedian Ruperto Vanderpool and DJ Money from D.C. who came by the show. I also did a private event that night that I had booked, the party was off the hook and shouts to my boy DJ Bri-G who also got on the set with me. So yesterday I jumped back on the tour in San Francisco and today we are in Sacramento. I will be hitting Las Vegas and L.A. this week. CRAZY!!!!!!

I haven't posted anything lately, so here is my boy Mazzi's latest walking blog which are always entertaining. Hit yall in a few....

CC Sabathia On The Latest Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I know he got shelled in his first game as a NY Yankee but it's only the first game of the season. He should pay high dividends for the Yankees this year and beyond. Sports Illustrated believes he also will because he is on their latest cover.

Eminem - We Made You Video

Jessica Biel Stripping

I don't know if many of have seen this but it's worth a look. Jessica Beil's doing some traing for her upcoming film "Powder Blue". Enjoy....

Don't Drink & Drive A Ferrari!!!!

I had to post this even though you don't see the actual train smashing the Ferrari, the audio footage and mugshot are priceless.

SNL's Adam Samberg & Seth Rogan - Like A Boss Video

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is funny as hell, a must watch!!!!

The New Yankee Stadium Opened Today

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm having fun while I'm on the road, the only thing that sucks is that I missed the exhibition game between my New York Yankees and The Chicago Cubs at the new stadium in New York. I guess I will have to wait until I get back, but I am happy that my boy Derek Jeter christened the new stadium with the 1st base hit in the park. It's only right that it opens that way....

Cool Kicks Hot Chicks

Friday, April 3, 2009

I had to borrow this from my boy Manny and The Official New Rotting Television Blog site. These pictures will be featured on this month's upcoming Playboy Magazine.

Mazzi's Walking Blog # 29 (WMC 09 Edition)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My apologies to everyone, I am on the road right now on this LiveNation tour for Kevin Rudolf and Jeremy Greene so I haven't had the opportunity to blog as much which sucks. Here is my boy Mazzi's latest walking blog, "The Winter Music Conference Edition", I was supposed to go down there for this but I couldn't make it. So here you go for all those that couldn't make it!!!!!