New York Yankees Are World Champions!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

When this year's World Series match-up was set between the New York Yankees and the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies I was happy because I felt that if we wanted to be considered champions then why not start by beating last year's champions. I predicted the Yankees would win the series in 6 games and as it turns out I really know my sports because that's the way it ended up happening, LOL. After game 1 of the World Series many people were ready to write off the Yankees but I kept my faith in them. I have to say the only thing that pissed me off was watching how cocky the Phillies players were during and after that game, it was disrespectful. It felt like they were looking down on the Yankees and it was only one game. Maybe it started with Jimmy Rollins predicting the Phillies would win in 5, or 6 games if the Yankees were nice. Maybe it started when Cliff Lee nonchalantly got that pop up, or when he caught that ball behind his back then saying in his post game conference that he never gets nervous. I guess we will never know, but what we do know now is that the Yankees dethroned them as World Champions of baseball to win their 27th championship on Wednesday (The most championships of ANY sports franchise). Shouts to Captain Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettite, and Jorge Posada (The Core Four) who picked up their 5th ring with the Yankees; a rare feat in the free agency era. Shouts to Hideki Matsui who delivered a bigger game than Godzilla itself and was MVP of the series. If that was his last game in pinstripes, what a way to go out. Shouts to Alex Rodriguez who finally delivered in the post-season, now all you haters can get off his back. Shouts to CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Mike Teixeira, and Nick Swisher who all came to NY as new Yankees with high salaries and still delivered. Shouts to Johnny Damon who's heads up play on the bases became the turning point for the Yankees. Shouts to Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano who came up thru the supposed non existent Yankee farm system and were both instrumental in the post season. Shouts to Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Damaso Marte, and the rest of that bullpen who finally showed up when it mattered. Shouts to Brett Gardner, Jerry Hairston Jr, Eric Hinske, and the rest of that bench for playing your roles and stepping up when needed. Lastly big SHOUT to Joe Girardi who was second guessed as much as any manager that I've seen manage in NY and still delivered the championship. Get some rest Joe and get ready to defend it next year, LOL. Start spreading the news....The boys in pinstripes are back!!!!

P.S. (1) Hey Jimmy Rollins do you like apples???? Well how do you like dem apples???? Hahahaha, don't quit your day!!!

P.S. (2) When the Yankees won the American League Pennant, I posted 27 pictures of the win to bring them good luck in the World Series. Now that they have won, I'm posting up 28 pictures of the World Series win to bring us good luck next year as we go for the 28th World Championship. Let's Go Yankees!!!!

P.S. (3) Thank God for making me a Yankee fan....

"Yankee State Of Mind"

The stage is set for Game 6 of the 2009 World Series. New York Yankees vs Philadelphia Phillies....

The queen of hip hop / r&b Mary J. Blige gets things started by singing the U.S. national anthem.

Andy Petitte looked focused from the start of the game.

Derek Jeter starting off another CLASSIC double play.

Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui hits a 2-run homerun to get the party started.

Captain Jeter congratulates Alex Rodriguez as he scores.

Derek Jeter gives Hideki Matsui the look after he puts the Yankees ahead 2-0 with his homerun blast, LOL.

Derek Jeter comes thru with a hit.

Mark Teixeira celebrates at home plate as he scores a run.

A-Rod celebrates as he scores another run.

Andy Pettite tips his cap to the fans as he exits the game perhaps for the last time.

Joba Chamberlain delivers in his relief role out of the bullpen.

Damaso Marte pumps his fist after a key strikeout of Chase Utley.

You know what time it is when they play "Enter Sandman" in Yankee Stadium, Mariano Rivera Time!!!!

The greatest closer of all time Mariano Rivera came with the HEAT!!!!

Game Over.... World Series Over....Da Yankees Win....Da Yankees Win....Daaaaaaaaa Yankees Win!!!!

It's party time for the 27th time in the Bronx, sing that song Frank Sinatra.

Captain Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez embrace after the game.

Nick Swisher carries the championship around the field after the game.

Ladies & Gentlemen your 2009 World Champion New York Yankees!!!!

Alex Rodriguez finally wins the World Series, now yall can get off his back.

Captain Derek Jeter wins his 5th World Championship, it never gets old.

Mariano Rivera holds up the paper's headlines for next morning, that's right 27 Championships. The most of ANY sports franchise.

Champagne bath for Nick Swisher.

Ain't no party like a NEW YORK YANKEE PARTY!!!!

Couldn't have done without CC Sabathia or A.J. Burnett, thanks guys.

Johnny Damon showers Joe Girardi with champagne, who can finally enjoy himself after a long year. Thank you Joe.

See yall next year at Yankee Stadium....